"Heart" for TriHealth from 4HUMANS on Vimeo.

“Heart” for Trihelath

Directed by Facu Labo, with Art Direction from Carlo Vega  I was part of a great team developing this one. I was in charge of building the scenes, lightning and shading, and various animations.

The story happens in the beautiful Cincinnati where we follow one of Tri Health ambulances sprinting through a yellow and blue city. We needed to tell a serious story about heart surgery and getting there on time to save a life without getting dark or overly dramatic. Choosing a child to speak of such a serious topic and the wonderful music by Sono sanctus, helped us to set a lighter tone without losing the message.

Check out the rest of 4humans awesome work!. Hope you like it!

︎ Gaston Duranovich ︎︎ Freelance Motion Graphics Designer  ︎︎ BsAs